DIMI coin POW/POS mining guide


Hello and welcome to the DIMI coin mining guide!

⦁ how to mine the coin
⦁ which miner to use for your hardware
⦁ official github links for mining
⦁ what sort of hashrate to expect for your hardware
⦁ a link to the official MadCatMining pool, and others if you are having trouble
⦁ connecting or getting valid shares

The Algorithm
HMQ1725, developed by the CryptoCoderz community, is a modernized version of the Quark hashing algorithm. The modification is a result of the Quark algorithm becoming ASIC friendly. The name, HMQ1725, stands for ‘Highly Modified Quark1725’. The 1725 comes from the way the algorithm works. 17 algorithms that are being hashed for 25 times. The algorithm is both CPU and GPU mineable and is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) principle.
Any antivirus and Windows Defender detect most miners as trojans or malware and delete the files contained within the miner release. One should either disable both, or go through the programs and to add the files you have downloaded to the list of exceptions
CPU Mining
Don’t expect to be getting huge hashrates on any cpu for this algorithm, but it is possible to mine still, and if all you have is a cpu then its still better than nothing.
⦁ The main miner that supports HMQ1725 is the CPU miner-opt from JayDDee: cpuminer-opt>
This one is kept most up to date and get the most attention by the developer
⦁ Another miner that works for CPU is the CPUminer-hmq1725 from CryptoCoderz: cpuminer-hmq1725>
A good alternative if the former is unavailable.
Nvidia Mining
This is where the algorithm works best. It was developed for 10 series Nvidia and tends to get the highest hashrates.
⦁ The main miner used for Nvidia is CryptoDredge by technobyl: CryptoDredge>
The most up to date release, it supports hmq1725, versions after this no longer support for hmq1725 mining.
⦁ Another miner for Nvidia is ccMiner by tpruvot: tpruvot/ccminer>
A bit outdated but a good alternative if the former is unavailable.
AMD Mining
The coin can be mined with fairly decent hashrates (more limited choice of miners) with AMD too.
The miner supporting this algorithm is the wildrig miner by andru-kun: wildrig-multi>
The miner supports both amd and nvidia and is regularly updated.
There are other miners available, always make sure you goto the official github release or official site, avoid third party links and sites as the original may have been modified.
Getting a DIMI address
The easiest way is to head over to the #wallet-staking-bot channel in the discord and register with the bot. The biggest advantage to this wallet is online 24/7 staking, with no need to run the wallet on PC 24/7 for staking rewards.
The next way is our PC wallet at DiminutiveCoin , you will need to run the wallet.
After that you can also get the wallet on your android device:
AtomicDEX Mobile Crypto Wallet
Starting Mining
The final part is editing the config file. Most miners come with example files within them, usually ending in .bat. Edit this file with notepad. When you open it you will get something like:
@echo off
wildrig.exe –print-full –algo algo –url pool:port –user wallet –pass password
if ERRORLEVEL 1000 goto custom
timeout /t 5
goto loop
echo Some error happened, put custom command here
timeout /t 5
goto loop
Ignore most of the lines, you need the line beginning with wildrig.exe (this is a ”wildrig” example, other miners will start with the name of their .exe file). You need to change the algo to hmq1725, the url to the pool you wish to mine to, put your DIMI address as the user adress, and the password can be c=DIMI or x depending on the pool (always check on your pools homepage to check the settings you use).
Finally it should look like something below:
@echo off
wildrig.exe –print-full –algo hmq1725 –url stratum+tcp://mcmpool.eu:3350 –user EFsXjADtRCWwrfV9JjZCpGTjByh2GXJ5df –pass c=DIMI
if ERRORLEVEL 1000 goto custom
timeout /t 5
goto loop
echo Custom command here
timeout /t 5
goto loop
Save and close the file, then run the .bat you have just saved as administrator and your miner should start up. Give it a couple of minutes and check on your wallet information on the pool’s webpage to make sure it is submitting shares.
Check the link below to see what sort of hashrate to expect when using your hardware: minerstat
Mining Pool
You have to connect to a pool when mining to earn a share of the rewards. In case you own a number of GPUs with good hashrate it may be worth mining directly to your wallet, but commonly mining to a pool is the best way to earn rewards.
The official pool that supports this coin is the pool hosted by MadCatMining (you will see him lurking at our discord servers).
The link to his pool: Mad Cat Mining Pool
The server is based in the EU, has a very low fee of 1% and it is our officially supported pool.
If you are having trouble connecting, or live far away and experiencing a large amount of rejected shares you would better to connect to a closer pool.
Other pools currently mining this coin:
Cminors Pools>
RWINFO.CLUB Mining Pool>


Staking is possible in a few ways…first way is by keeping open your own DIMI wallet (obviously the more DIMI you have, the better staking rewards will be). Secondly, you can use wallet-staking-bot on our Discord server.

Frequently asked questions about Diminutivecoin staking.

How do I activate staking?
To activate staking, you need to unlock the wallet by first encrypting it in the settings menu.
What is required to receive PoS rewards, other than unlocking your wallet?
Your wallet must be turned on and online at all times to receive the reward.
Do I need to add the staking=1 command to the wallet configuration file?
No, this setting is enabled by default. If you need to disable staking, you can use “staking=0”.
What affects the chance of receiving an award?
The probability of receiving a PoS reward depends on the mature number of coins and your current weight in the network. This can be seen by hovering over the “staking” icon in the lower-left corner of the wallet when staking is activated.
The minimum bet amount and maturation time?
The minimum amount is from 1 dimi coin. The minimum maturation time is 2 hours, 75 confirmations.
Why activate the unlock for staking only option?
The “for staking only” option is enabled by default for security and to prevent accidental sending of transactions.