Product selection, purchase and delivery

1. Selecting a product.

Be sure to read all the information before ordering: availability, description, platform, region, and activation method. You can also find out the preliminary price in DIMI, using the currency converter.

2. Purchase

Add the item to the cart.

Go to your cart and click “Proceed to checkout”.

For finalazing your purchase – only valid and accessible user e-mail is required for receiving a digital product key. And if necessary, create an account by creating a username and password.
IMPORTANT: To receive a real (not digital) product, it is necessary to create an account and fill in the delivery address in the profile.
Click on “Place Order”

Now pay for your order by sending the necessary amount of DIMI coins to the given address. Pay attention to the time allotted for payment – 10 minutes.

3. Receiving the goods

After successful payment you will be redirected to the page of the store with a message that your order has been received.

Product was sent to the specified email address.